Fuel your inner superhero with our high protein beef jerky – the audacious, bold treat with an attitude that'll have your taste buds hooked!


It's not X-ray vision, but our Moonshots liquid energy elixir is close enough. Just hit one or two a day to fight stress, gain immunity to bad guys, and toxic evil exes.

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  • Gwen Singer

    So delicious, everyone thought it was real meat but somehow it’s even better!

  • Paul Jacobs

    This is a game changer!! My son is a really picky eater. He is 4 years old and he demanded more

  • Tyrone Woods

    Wow I'm shocked I'm so impressed

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Any questions? We have answers.

What is SUPERHUMN Beef Jerky made of?

Mushrooms, hemp protein, organic coconut oil, spices and herbs, natural flavors and colors, and sea salt. That's it!

Why should I eat this instead of regular jerky?

We could answer this question for days! But basically:

  • better health
  • over 98% reduction in water/energy/land usage and greenhouse gas emissions
  • no animals harmed

How much protein is in each serving?

There's 10g of high quality complete plant protein from hemp and mushrooms per serving! That’s 25g in our 2.5oz pack! 100g if you decide to eat 4!!

Is it gluten free or soy free?

We don't use ingredients containing gluten, however the facility we use to make the jerky may handle allergen containing ingredients so there is a potential risk of cross contamination. Our Korean BBQ flavor contains gluten free soy sauce.

What's your refund policy?

We're 10000% confident in our product. If you don't love it and want a refund, just ask within 30 days of your purchase date and we'll refund you.