• the best vegan low fat bacon you've ever had
  • NEU BACON - pre-order
  • the best crispy vegan low fat bacon you've ever had
  • NEU BACON - pre-order

NEU BACON - pre-order

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**Pre-Order now to be the first to try NEU BACON!! We sell out fast!!**

 NEU BACON is ready to eat bacon slices, crunchy and perfect for snacking straight outta the box. No cooking, no fuss, no mess... why wasn't this invented sooner??! We don't know, but we're so glad we did now *pats self on back*

We reinvented bacon with the same flavor everyone loves, but we used mushrooms and hemp protein to do the job better. It's a win win win. No losers allowed here.

Crispy, savory, sweet, smoky... it's every taste sensation you love in one flavor packed punch

Each serving has just as much protein as bacon - 25g per package! 

Top your pizza, pasta, burgers, burritos, salads, ramen... and heck yeah! even ice cream. Munch whenever a craving hits for a protein kick.

Created by mad chef scientist Jade Cheng after over 20 years of obsession with creating the most delicious food you've ever stuck in your mouth. Only made possible through the perfect amalgamation of art and science.